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11Marinău și Asociații Societate Civilă Profesională de Avocați Intro
Marinău și Asociații Societate Civilă Profesională de Avocați is formed by a team of legal professionals with over 30 years of experience in the legal market. With a wide portfolio of clients, we resolve legal disputes efficiently, in the shortest possible time, and with professionalism.
Equally, our lawyers offer legal assistance and representation to clients in various cases pending before the Romanian courts. Protecting the interests of our clients is our top priority.
We act promptly, taking into account the particularities of each situation, constantly communicating with the client and presenting the available options along with our recommendations.
In an effort to uphold a professional relationship with our clients, we position ourselves in discussions according to each client's unique situation, ensuring successful resolution of every issue within an optimal timeframe.

Areas of Expertise

Appeals To The CNSC And Public Procurement Complaints

We specialize in drafting preliminary notices, lodging appeals before the National Council for Appeals Resolution, pursuing appeals through judicial channels, preparing requests to suspend the award procedure, and filing complaints against the decisions of the Council.

Business Rights

We offer comprehensive legal consultancy services tailored to the specific legal aspects of commercial activities, providing expertise in both general and specialized legal matters.

Real estate

We offer expert legal assistance in real estate transactions and the drafting of sales contracts.

Administrative Litigation

Our law firm specializes in administrative and administrative-fiscal litigation. Our team of experienced lawyers is prepared to assist clients in resolving administrative disputes, providing comprehensive legal advice, and representing them before competent authorities.

Insolvency And Bankruptcy

We provide legal services for initiating insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, as well as managing the procedure as either an administrator or judicial liquidator.

Criminal Law

Our lawyers provide comprehensive expertise in criminal law, offering legal assistance and effective defense in cases involving criminal charges. We represent our clients' interests before criminal prosecution bodies and courts, ensuring vigorous advocacy and protection of their rights.

Consumer's Rights

We offer legal assistance to resolve consumer protection issues of any nature.

Fiduciary Activities

Our company specializes in drafting trust contracts and serving as fiduciaries, boasting extensive experience in this field.

Commercial Companies

Our company can assist you in selecting the most suitable legal form for your economic activity.

What our customers say

  • We turned to Marinău și Asociații for assistance in a complex real estate transaction. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process, ensuring that I was legally protected. Thank you for your dedication and expertise!

    Andrei P.
    Real estate investor
  • Marinău și Asociații helped me in a difficult moment for my business. Their team of insolvency experts handled my company's financial situation professionally and efficiently. I highly recommend their services!

    Ioana L.

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